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sneaky social networks

Entry by Joy Bacon

Sorry this is a little later than planned, finals happen. For those of you who missed it, I presented last week some helpful sites and resources to make the best out of the Internet for reporting and information-gathering purposes.

1. Twitter sites:

-savethemedia.com has some great ways to embrace the new world of journalism. Check out parts 1 and 2 of their information about tons of resources for Twitter.

-An interesting way to rate your own use of Twitter:  www.twittergrader.com. My grade? 62. I’m working on improving this number. The site also grades your Facebook page or Web site.

2. Internet reporting

This is a really interesting example of how some news sites have used the Internet to track and cover Swine Flu. Here’s more about it from Poynter.

Another interesting term I came across in several places was the idea of creating an “electronic beat” for yourself as a reporter. This would consist of Google Alerts, RSS feeds, and other daily sites or information aggregates you would check at least daily for updates, stories, or just to follow the latest trends about a specific topic. Most sites recommended a list of 6-10 sources per beat.


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Online Journalism Links: 2/20/2008

Entry by Jasmine Linabary

Here are some relevant links from the past few weeks on the subject of online journalism that you may find interesting:

Journalistopia: “10 Things Online Editors can do to Save Their Jobs”: Danny Sanchez gives advice to web editors of things they can do to remain valuable. Actually, these suggestions and resources would be great for any journalist to pay attention to and play with.

10,000 Words: “Radio: Innovative ways to follow the aging medium”: Mark S. Luckie highlights technological innovations of the radio that are emerging on the internet, mobile devices and through microblogging.

Online Journalism Review: “The New York Times needs an online impresario to help it pay its bills”: Tom Grubisich argues that the New York Times should use its Web site to generate revenue but not by charging for any of its all-free daily coverage. This articles emerges in light of Executive Editor Bill Keller’s recent comments on the subject of paid content and a confidential memo from Steve Brill obtained by Romenesko in which he argues that the Times should start charging for online content.

E-Media Tidbits: “NYT Readers Brainstorm Business Models, Paying for Online News”: Maurreen Skowran provides highlights and discussion on a package of essays published on the New York Times‘ Room for Debate blog, Battle Plans for Newspapers, about potential business models to help newspapers survive.

MediaShift: “Budding Journalists Use Twitter, Blogs to Open Doors”: Alfred Hermida provides examples of what students are doing and advice to students on building up their online presence to increase their potential for employment in the industry

This is cross-posted on the Getting the News Online blog.

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