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Jasmine R. is a PhD candidate in Communication. Her emphasis is in organizing, new media, and social change, with particular interests in gender and participatory methodologies. Her background is in newspaper journalism.

Final project: ‘Knowing the Knowledgeable’

Entry by Jasmine Linabary

Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve sought to put the skills we learned in this class to work. We teamed up to develop feature projects on Whitworth professors.

Each project included multimedia, photos and a text story. Classmates coded and posted these projects online as a special feature on

Check out the result here: Knowing the Knowledgeable


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Developing an online presence

Entry by Jasmine Linabary

What do you find when people Google your name?

For some people, it drudges up old information that they do not want revealed and then want information taken down. Or, maybe nothing is found except some old information from high school or a few articles you have written.

The key then, especially if you are looking for a job, is to own your online presence. If you are going into journalism, a potential employer who “Googles” you name should be able to see that you have dabbled in the technology. This should be able to show your skills and whether you have actually practiced what your resume says you can do.

Do you have a Twitter account? Do you have YouTube videos? Do you have Facebook? Are you connected to any networks (Linked-In, Wired Journalists, etc.)? Do you have a blog? Who are you?

These are things you can control by developing a Web presence. Create account and do some work. Define yourself. Be wary about what you write though and that it won’t present bias or damage your potential career. Think about the pictures you have on Facebook. Would you want your employer to see those? Your sources?

This is an interesting article I found today. Google is introducing a feature that allows you to create a profile to show up in searches for your name.

How have you worked to develop a Web presence? Add your thoughts to the comment section below.

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Recent resources for database journalism

Entry by Jasmine Linabary

We’ve been talking about database journalism over the past few weeks. Here are some links I’ve come across recently related to the subject that you may find useful.

Conversations and information:

10,000 Words: “Databases and polls: When numbers are the news”

Poynter Online: “Using Data Visualization as a Reporting Tool Can Reveal Story’s Shape”

MediaShift: “An After-Life for Newspapers”

10,000 Words: “News databases: Turning numbers into knowledge

Readership Institute: “Data as journalism, journalism as data”


FusionCharts – to create graphics off of your data for visualization

Tools for News – Check out the pages on tools for data visualization, data scraping and public databases.

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J-school grads will have to look to non-traditional career paths

Entry by Jasmine Linabary

While graduating seniors fear their college newspaper might be the last newspaper they work for and are looking for jobs in other industries, journalism schools are becoming incredibly popular, according to an article on

The article takes a look at the numbers of students going into the industry from Columbia University, Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and the University of Maryland and talks about the more non-traditional jobs and career paths graduates are facing.

Read more:As journalism remakes itself, students follow

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E-media Tidbits to hold live chat on what j-students need Monday

Entry by Jasmine Linabary

Poynter Institutes’s E-media Tidbits team is holding a live chat Monday on what college journalism students need to learn.

The chat comes off of a recent post from Maurreen Skowran that outlines what a successful college journalism program in civic media would involve.

You can watch the chat and get answers to your questions about this topic on Monday at 1 p.m. EDT or 10 p.m. here in Spokane. If you visit the site now, you can get a reminder sent so that you don’t forget to join the chat here.

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Discovering the basics of good Web design

Entry by Jasmine Linabary

Everyone has seen a Web page, but what considerations should go into its design. Here are some tips and suggestions:

When discussing the basics of Web design, a good place to start is in what it is not and that can be found on

Exploring pages on this site should give you a good idea of what is not effective in designing Web sites. Ask yourself for each Web site that appears why this site has been labeled a “Worst Site of 2008.”

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Learning HTML and CSS with Pete Tucker

Entry by Jasmine Linabary

Peter Tucker, associate professor of math and computer science at Whitworth University,  came and presented to our class Feb. 19 and 24. He lectured on mark up languages, particularly HTML and CSS. Here is his complete presentation, including slides he didn’t get to about PHP and Javascript.

To learn more about markup langages, Tucker recommends trying tutorials at

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