Tips for Making Successful Video

Entry by Tim Takechi

Tips for Making Successful Video

1. Pre-plan your shoot.

2. Check your equipment before heading out.

3. Check your audio.

4. Shoot selectively.

5. Be very quiet while the camera is rolling.

6. Hold out your shots (especially b-roll).

7. Cut down on excessive panning and zooming.

8. Follow the formula of “wide, medium, and tight.”

9. Shoot and edit video in narrative sequence.

10. Be conscious of the framing and composition of your shots. Never be boring!

11. Remember depth of field.

12. Make sure there are people in your shots.

13. For static shots, use a tripod.

14. Anticipate action and be aware of where the story might go.

15. Take the proper precautions to make sure your on-camera interviews will succeed (a-roll).

16. Look for the best lighting conditions.

17. Keep track of what shots you have taken and what shots you need.

18. Label your tapes and keep track of names, information, etc.

19. Be aware of legal, logistical, or ethical problems before and while shooting.

20. Plan for more time for post-production than you think you will need.

Source: Knight Digital Media Center video techniques tutorial

Examples of good video journalism:


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