A question of philosophy

Entry by Joy Bacon

As the editor-in-chief of The Whitworthian, I sometimes get requests from fellow editors at

college newspapers asking for advice, or just throwing out some sounding board questions. Recently I got a message from an editor at a small, private university who’s paper is trying to develop an online presence. Among other logistical questions was this more thought-provoking request:

“How (does) the Internet figure into the goals of your paper on a broader scale?”

In my response to this question, I really had to examine what role an online edition plays in conjunction with a print publication. For a national newspaper, this answer is pretty straightforward: the Internet allows for easier access to information. But even from my experience at the college level, I think there is a gap between newspaper editors knowing the benefits of online journalism and conveying these advantages to readers. I don’t have a philosophical response to this question, but I think it’s an important one for journalists associated with a print and online publication to have a serious answer to.


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